Local Leadership

Local Leadership

The elected members of the Executive Committee are people who were nominated and elected at the Fall County Convention by the precinct delegates.  This election is held in November on even years, following the General Election.

Officers for the Executive Committee are elected by the newly-elected committee at their first meeting following the fall convention. The statutory and elected members have equal numbers on the committee.


Chairman: Ted Dusseau
Vice-Chair: Carol Knoblauch
Secretary: Paul Palpant
Treasurer: Jeff Yeutter

Statutory Members:

Representative: Bronna Kahle
Senator: Dale Zorn
Representative: Sarah Lightner
Troy Bevier
Roxann Holloway
Carolyn Bater
Burke Castleberry
Marilyn Woods
Jenny Escott
Kevin Pickford
John Lapham
Dawn Bales
Nancy Jenkins Arno
Terry Collins
David Stimpson
James Goetz
Chris Wittenbach
Ralph Tillotson
Michael Slusarski

Elected Members:

James Budde

Wendy Chetkovich

Rebecca Colman

Gordon Comfort

Sydney Engel

Ronald Ferrell

Susan Gibson

James Hart

Bill Hoffman

Emma Jenkins

Mary McNally

Jill Milani Adams

Fayette Miller

Charles Moore

Julianna Moore

Gary Naugle

Amy Simpkins

Robert Taylor

Laura Wright